Thank you.

Almost three years ago, I entered the race for CA-21 as an underdog. But we out-worked our opponent and pulled off the most stunning upset in Central Valley history.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in just two short years. The 27 bills I introduced and the $700 million dollars of water infrastructure funding that I was able to get passed through the House, shows what can be accomplished by reaching out and working together with communities and organizations on the issues that are important to all of us.

My proudest moment as a Congressman was when a young woman from the Valley said to me on the day we passed the Dream and Promise Act, “Thank you Congressman Cox. You finally make me feel as if someone cares.” I do care and will continue to fight to make a positive difference in the lives of Valley families.

I am also very proud of the campaign we ran. We didn’t engage in gutter politics. We took our message directly to the people, many of whom never knew they could have a voice in their government. I never forgot that I work for you. I want to thank my staff, 2,000 volunteers, and over 50,000 donors who believed in our campaign to Put People First.

– TJ Cox

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“For too long, politicians have put party and special interests over the people of the Central Valley. I’m working hard every day, serving our Central Valley families and putting people first. I hope you’ll join me.

– TJ Cox

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