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The key to our future lies within the resiliency
and resources of Central Valley communities.

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Change in Washington Starts Here

Meet TJ

TJ Cox is an engineer and small businessman whose passion is community development. A native Californian and the son of two hard-working immigrants, his parents instilled in him the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, and community.

To pay for his education, TJ worked as a land conservationist for the Bureau of Land Management and as a pipefitter in the mining industry. During college, TJ started his first small-business, a firm that provided and installed home energy saving devices.

He is the founder of the Central Valley NMTC Fund (CVNF), which invests in socially and economically disadvantaged communities throughout the Central Valley. Starting from a single dollar in 2011, Cox has since invested over $65 million into projects that have created over 1,500 jobs. His funding for five new community health clinics delivered health care to 26,000 Central Valley residents.

In addition, CVNF investments have spurred the development of new non-profit and educational opportunities such as Rescue the Children, an innovative campus for at-risk women and children, and West Hills Community College’s Farm of the Future, which trains young men and women for careers in agriculture. In 2016, CVNF’s North Fork Bioenergy Plant was awarded “Project of the Year” by Novoco, an industry trade group.

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TJ also served as project manager for Habitat for Humanity and led an international team of volunteers to Armenia to build homes as part of the organization’s global outreach program.

TJ understands that agriculture drives the Valley’s economy. With a deep knowledge of California’s farming industry, TJ is also the founder of a nut processing plant in Madera, CA, which is now one of the Valley’s top organic nut pasteurizers.

TJ knows that the key to our future lies within the resiliency and resources of Central Valley communities. Unfortunately, our representative in Congress doesn’t listen or understand the needs of our district. All families are really looking for is a fair shot. But instead of looking out for us, Congressman Jeff Denham puts politics over people.

Our fundamental American values are under attack with President Trump and Jeff Denham seeking to roll back our progress and protections -- from health care, to the environment, to women’s rights.

Congressman Denham voted himself taxpayer-funded health care for life, but voted to take away health care from thousands of hard-working Valley families, to allow insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and even to impose an age tax that will force older Californians to pay thousands more a year for their coverage.

The contrast is clear. As Trump and Denham seek to take away health coverage from hard-working Californians and shutter health clinics, TJ continues working to expand access to quality health care. As Trump and Denham attack immigrants, TJ is the son of immigrant parents who understands the American Dream should reward those who come here to work hard and give their family a better life.

If we’re going to change Washington, we’ve got to change the people we send there.  We deserve a Congressman that works for us. It’s why TJ is running for Congress.

TJ lives in the Central Valley with his wife, Kathleen Murphy, M.D, a pediatric intensive care physician. They are the proud parents of four children.

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