TJ Cox on Election Count

November 4, 2020

Today, as election results continue to roll in for the race in California’s 21st congressional district, Congressman TJ Cox released the following statement:

“Almost three years ago, I entered this race as an underdog. Nobody thought I could win against an entrenched politician with a warchest stuffed full of corporate PAC money. But we out-organized and out-worked our opponent and pulled off the most stunning upset in Central Valley history. This year, we’re up against an even more determined DC Republican machine that’s looking to steal back a seat they think belongs to them, not to the people of the Central Valley.

“I want to thank my staff, 2,000 volunteers, and 52,741 donors who helped us reach voters where they are. We’re proud to have run an innovative campaign that reinvented voter contact in order to keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 crisis. In place of traditional, widespread door-to-door canvassing, we reached thousands of voters over the phone, by text, and via mail.

“We’ve been through this before. In 2018, my race wasn’t settled for 30 days. And in 2020, we’re in much the same situation. We owe it to the Valley to get this right, ensure each and every vote is counted, no matter who wins. I’m urging the Central Valley to take a pause, so every voice can be heard.”

All outlets reporting on this race are advised to familiarize with this memo on the expected timeline of election returns, as each of the four counties in California’s 21st Congressional District counts ballots on separate timelines, and an estimated tens of thousands of ballots will not be reported until the coming weekend. 

CountiesBallots OutstandingCA-21 Total Ballots Counted Vote ShareBy County% Difference
(thus far)(# votes from county)/(total votes)(# votes from county)/(total votes)
Kern100k+ (whole county)27,06925%34%-9%*
*shows Kern likely has more votes to come
**shows count in Kings County is closest to complete

All four counties have remaining vote-by-mail and provisional ballots to count. Updates to these ballot numbers are expected tomorrow at the earliest.