Meet TJ

TJ Cox is proud to be your Democratic Congressman for California’s 21st District. He is an engineer and small businessman whose passion is community development — creating jobs and opportunity in the Central Valley.

TJ is a native Californian and the son of immigrants who taught him the importance of hard work, personal integrity, and fighting for what’s right.

Before being elected, TJ has spent his life working in the neighborhoods where Wall Street and the big banks refuse to go. These projects have created more than 1,500 well-paying jobs and have brought health care to over 40,000 Central Valley residents.

A father of four, TJ will always fight to get real results for our community – results that give hard-working families the opportunity to succeed.

That means affordable, quality health care for all, protecting Medicare and Social Security, supporting education, and implementing an immigration policy that works for everyone.

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in Fresno led him to create the Central Valley Fund, which raised money for projects located in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the Central Valley — helping build health clinics, job-training centers, affordable housing, and clean energy plants.

Congressman Cox hit the ground running when he took office to deliver for the working families of the Central Valley and stand up to Donald Trump’s out of control presidency. TJ authored bold legislation to expand rural health care access, secured $10 million for post-traumatic stress research in military service members, and delivered millions in funding for desperately needed water storage and infrastructure. 

TJ’s plan to provide critical relief to more family farmers during the agricultural downturn became law.

TJ Cox has spent his first term in Congress fighting for the Central Valley. He has scored big wins for the Valley by passing water bills, protecting Dreamers, and expanding healthcare coverage. TJ is running for re-election to continue the progress he has made and continue to fight for Central Valley families.

 In TJ’s engineering career he built dams and water conveyance systems. He knows how to deliver more water to the Central Valley and conserve it for the future.